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Enjoy the Minion Crunch ™  snacks with 5 premium flavour – consisting of Queen Choco (Chocolate), White Wizz (White Chocolate), Butter Baby (Butterscotch), Green Hero (Green Tea) and our latest line-up the Velvet Hood (Red Velvet).

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Choco Queen – the combination of milky trio of powdered milk, liquid milk and condensed milk completing a solid chocolate making it close to the perfection of a milk chocolate. A very milky cocoa taste to satisfy your pleasure.
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White Wizz – a white chocolate confection made of cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids. Unlike other type of chocolate, white chocolate does not contain cocoa solids giving it a smooth and creamy texture
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Green Hero – temptation of white chocolate infused with the green tea blends (also known as matcha chocolate). Rich with a tea texture and just the right amount of sweetness touch of butter and cream. Simply irresistible.
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Butter Baby – a Butterscotch type of confectionery bringing together brown sugar and butter with a hint of white chocolate give a delightful and creamy taste for those who are looking for sweets sensation.
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Velvet Hood – delicately sweet taste and creamy texture of red velvet complemented with burst taste and aroma of cream cheese. Hence, the beloved taste of scarlet red velvet cake flavor. Voila!
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Little Nana – A yummy banana flavored temptation of white chocolate infused. Rich milky taste and sweet banana come with white mini crunchies to give more milky to your taste bud. Simply irresistible.
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Dodo Hunter – We wanted to “celebrate the flavor of Malaysia,” so we chose the king of fruits to represent our country. KCM durian chocolate comes with mini crunch that is to complement its creamy texture. The special edition durian chocolate is exclusively made for Malaysians.
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Also available in convenience pack of 150g snack in a compact jar for you to carry with, ready on-the-go.
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